The Workplace of the Future: The Benefits of Telecommuting

cheap virtual office spaceOffice spaces used to be a lot different both in terms of physical equipment such as phones and typewriters, and also in terms of ideals. Telecommuting used to be considered a revolutionary idea both by employers and their employees. Thanks to technological advances and shifts in societal norms, telecommuting and virtual office solutions have become increasingly common.

For millennials and following generations, telecommuting is simply a way of life. However, telecommuting isn’t only reserved for modern, trendy, and hip Bay Area start-ups; even traditional brick-and-mortar business are relying on cheap virtual office space in order to expand their reach and access to qualified employees and candidates. Virtual office services allow businesses and employees to enjoy the luxuries of working in a traditional office while allowing them flexibility in what they do, and how they do it.

The greatest concern employers had in regards to telecommuting was workplace productivity. If employees had the opportunity to work at home, would they be able to maintain output and quality? However, businesses that have implemented cheap virtual office spaces found that workplace productivity not only increased, but the number of unscheduled absences decreased as well.

Employees also enjoy having the option to work from home. This reduces the stress of commuting, and reduces their out of pockets commuting costs. This also contributes to increased workplace productivity as the time spent commuting can be used to work. Also, it’s no secret that happy employees are productive employees, and working from home puts employees in the right mindframe to tackle the day.

Cheap virtual office space solutions have also been known to increase employee morale, which in turn, reduces employee turnover rate. For this reason alone, many businesses choose to rent virtual office spaces. Also, telecommuting is environmentally friendly, a concern many modern businesses and their employees share. Several major metropolitan areas have shown reductions in average commute time and traffic congestion due to the sheer number of telecommuters.

Once regarded as a revolutionary idea is workplace culture, telecommuting has now become just another day at work.

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