What are Virtual Offices?

What are Virtual Offices?

Today’s work landscape continues to evolve, with more companies migrating to virtual office setups. According to Remote.Co, the idea of leaving a current job for a remote position at the same pay rate was an attractive idea to 60% of survey respondents. Here’s a quick overview of virtual offices, their benefits, and why now is the perfect time for you to sign up.

They Allow Team Members to Work Cohesively from Different Locations

No matter the size of your company, a cohesive work team is needed. With the services provided by your virtual office team, you’ll be able to enjoy streamlined workflows, no matter where your employees are located. It’s a popular solution because it works. Online meeting rooms and chat services keep communication going at a high level. Your workers will be a lot more connected with fewer silo challenges.

Virtual Offices Provide Key Business Services

In addition to the benefits for employees, your virtual office helps keep your physical needs handled as well. You’ll have a physical mailing address, essential for credibility, and the option to enjoy live receptionist services. Mail services include opening and scanning any correspondence that arrives for your company. These two features are key when you want your business to be taken seriously, even if your daily work location is the dining room table. It also allows you the opportunity to disconnect as needed. Your main business line won’t have to be your personal mobile phone any longer.

A Physical Space for Occasional In-Person Meetings

Client meetings often need to happen face-to-face in order to close a deal. When a coffee shop or hotel lobby just won’t cut it anymore, your virtual office will save the day. In addition to the co-working opportunities available, you’ll also have access to meeting rooms. Being able to meet with prospective clients in a professional setting gives you more credibility and instills confidence in your company. Now’s an ideal time to learn more about these services and how they can help you and your firm maintain a strong level of professionalism while being fully remote.

If your company is going fully remote, it’s time to find out more about the many benefits of virtual offices. We can help you with all of your firm’s virtual needs to ensure that your team maintains productivity over the long term. Get in touch with Stat International today to find out more!

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