Want to Stay Productive While Working From Home? Don’t Make These Common Mistakes

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There’s no denying the increased freedom, flexibility, and overall job satisfaction that remote workers have. In fact, Wilmington coworking and remote working jobs are highly sought after: about 60% of remote workers in the survey said that if they could, they would leave their current job for a full-time remote position at the same pay rate. That being said, it’s not always easy to stay productive while working in a non-traditional office environment. Here are just a few mistakes to avoid when working remotely or from a Wilmington coworking space.


Putting on the television in the background.


Some people seem to think that putting on the television on a low volume in the background can keep the mind occupied and prevent lack of productivity from boredom. But this certainly isn’t true — at least, not for most people. If you want to watch television, do it on your break times. If you feel tempted to watch television, work in an environment that simply doesn’t give you the option.


Working too late.


Again, this can change from person to person, but generally, people are more productive in the morning hours. It’s okay to give yourself some time to wake up in the morning, but getting a late start can ultimately mean you get less work done during the day — even if it feels like you worked just as hard.


Multitasking too much.


Finally, be sure to be aware of the effects multitasking can have on your productivity level. Studies have shown that working on too many tasks at once actually leads to accomplishing fewer of those tasks at the end of the day. Whenever possible, try to focus on just one task at a time.


“While many people believe that they can do two tasks at once with ease, research has discovered that most people become less efficient while attempting to multitask. Doing multiple tasks tends to decrease their attention span and productivity, so try concentrating on one task at a time for great, productive results,” writes Amy Johnson onĀ Lifehack.


According to a survey by the AARP, 74% of older Americans would want work flexibility and 34% would like to work from home, but it does take some practice to learn your most productive habits. For more information about renting furnished offices or Wilmington coworking spaces, contact Stat International.

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