Top 5 Reasons to Offer Remote Work Opportunities

Top 5 Reasons to Offer Remote Work Opportunities

officesThese days, the traditional workplace is changing rapidly. Though many people do still commute to an office job for eight to ten hours a day, flexibility has become increasingly important to all generations of workers. The AARP released a survey that showed almost three-quarters of older Americans wanted work flexibility and almost 35% wanted to work from home. And for younger generations, those attributes in a job are sought after and in some cases, almost expected. Thanks to the Internet and the prevalence of computers, laptops, tablets, and other devices at home, telecommuting is now possible and many people can work from home easily. As time goes on, more and more offices might start thinking about flexible office space for a variety of reasons.

The Benefits to Working Remotely 

There are multiple benefits for both employers and employees when remote work possibilities are offered. Let’s start with some of the reasons why working remotely can benefit the employee.

Increased Productivity 

Though some managers might worry that working remotely might cause employees to slack off, the opposite is actually true in the majority of cases. According to Sun Microsystems, employees who worked at home used about 60% of the time working that they would ordinarily have used to commute. For many, that’s at least an extra two hours in their work day that can be spent doing impactful work, versus sitting in traffic!

Furthermore, a ConnectSolutions survey showed that 30% of workers said that telecommuting let them get more done in less time and two-thirds of managers say that those who work remotely boost their overall productivity.

Better Focus 

And working remotely also can incentivize people to actually be at work when they’re supposed to be physically in the offices. The American Management Association found that organizations who started a telework program saw an almost 65% drop in unscheduled absences. Employees might be more focused when they’re physically in the office and since they’re in less, prioritize what does need to get done in office when they’re there.

Lower Stress 

Over 80% of telecommuters said in a study that they had lower stress levels. Worrying about making it to work on time, getting home in time, starting dinner on time, being with your family, etc., can be greatly reduced simply by working from home or near your home on your own terms.

Reduced Operating Costs 

Furthermore, working remotely can benefit a company directly. All sizes of companies said that they had major decreases in their operating costs when employees worked remotely. American Express saved between $10 and $15 million because of its option to work remotely.

Attractive Jobs 

And flexible remote options also can attract job seekers. Almost 70% of millennials looking for a job said that the option to work remotely would really boost their interest in specific employers, said a survey run by AfterCollege.

Why Consider Coworking Spaces or Other Flexible Office Spaces? 

However, working remotely full time isn’t the best option for most businesses. But if you don’t need your employees to be in the offices full time and you’re located in an expensive area — or are just looking to trim costs — what is one to do? The answer lies in flexible office spaces like coworking spaces, virtual offices, fully furnished offices space for rent, and so forth.

Coop working spaces have become increasingly popular, especially among smaller businesses, freelancers, or outposts of bigger companies in smaller areas. They don’t need a whole office, but shared office facilities and a private space to do work that’s not the home is incredibly advantageous for many.

A virtual office space can give workers all the luxuries of a traditional office while still providing the flexibility to work on their own terms, and a fully furnished office provides all the essentials for a lower cost. Plus, you and/or your company doesn’t have to worry about stocking or maintaining that office space.

Consider seeing if your business can adjust for remote work opportunities — it can make a big difference for everyone!

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