Tips and Tricks For Those Working At Home

furnished officeWorking in a furnished office has its perks, but working remotely has come into vogue as more and more employers realize that their employees don’t need to be physically present in the office to get their work done. The use of virtual offices has increased in recent years, and as the American Management Association found, organizations that implemented telework programs reduced unscheduled absences by 60%. Nearly six out of 10 employers also identify cost savings as a significant benefit to telecommuting as well — saving on overheard charges and technology in the office is considered a boon for everyone.

But, even though 80% of employees view the option to work from home as a major job perk, they also face challenges of their own. Check out these tips and tricks for making the most out of your unique office situation:

Set aside a special place for working
Whatever you do, don’t set up your home office in your bedroom. Even if you are working with a small space, it will be much more productive to keep at least some of your home activities (like sleep and rest) separate from work. Even if you only have a small desk at which to do your work, it will help you psychologically. If you have a home office, and your employer doesn’t provide any office space, you may even be able to write it off on your taxes.

Set a Schedule For Yourself
To work from home effectively, you must have excellent time management skills and be very organized. Even if you are a particularly skilled self-starter, imposing some structure upon yourself may help you regulate the time you spend on the computer. Perhaps going on a run or walk every morning before you begin work will help you compartmentalize work time as opposed to personal time. Eat lunch at the same time every day — even if you don’t start work until noon, having other anchors in your life will help you to stay focused.

Be an Extrovert
While on the one hand working from home can save you from exhausting social niceties and the need to put on certain appearances, it also deprives you of the camaraderie and companionship offered by a bustling office space. Bridge this gap by putting in the effort to be social where it matters, and where you want to. Make a phone call once in a while instead of sending an e-mail, and go into the office for meetings and other office gatherings. And don’t hesitate to keep up a constant digital communication going with your remote team and colleagues.

A furnished office is a furnished office — but your house is home. Enjoy the extra time you have there, and time you save from eliminated commutes and preparation. Use your home office to its full potential.

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