Tips and Tricks for Remaining Productive in a Virtual Office

virtual office providersThe best virtual office providers allow you to reap the benefits of working at home. You won’t need to drive to work, you’ll have a professional address for mail to protect your privacy if you run a business from home, and many virtual office providers allow you to rent out physical office space on an hourly basis if you need it.

Virtual office providers give you the amenities of an office without the high cost of renting and maintaining a physical space, but that doesn’t mean working from home is a cakewalk. It poses a unique set of challenges. Here are a few virtual office tips to help make working from home a pleasant experience.

Create a Home Office
While it can be tempting at first to work from bed in your pajamas, it won’t necessarily help your productivity. It will also be challenging to transition to relaxing once your work day is over. Try to set a space aside in your home just for work. This can be a spare bedroom, a closet or a corner. Have a dedicated desk with everything you need nearby so you can separate home and work. Fully furnished offices usually increase focus.

Don’t Let Your Social Life Slip
Plenty of people who work from home experience a level of loneliness when deprived of the usual water cooler community. But there are still ways to connect. Use a chat service to talk to other workers throughout the day, and join communities with other people who work from home so you have people to talk to.

Dress Well
Technically you don’t have to change out of pajamas, but you should. Try to get ready every morning like you would to go into the office. It may not be practical, but it improves your focus and productivity by signalling your mind that it’s time to get to work.

Stay Organized
It’s easy to let things slip when no one’s supervising you in person, but that only makes it more important to stay organized. Have a calender and notepad handy to help you prioritize your time and keep your workplace clear.

You can always ask other freelancers and stay-at-home workers for virtual office solutions as well.

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