Telecommuting Jobs That May Surprise You

Telecommuting Jobs That May Surprise You

wilmington office space for rentAccording to one study, approximately 82% of telecommuters reported lower stress levels. However, some people have the misconception that telecommuting, or working from home, means that you don’t really have to work. For example, some people think you can just sit on your couch all day and make money. That’s very unrealistic and not what telecommuting involves at all. What’s more, telecommuting is applicable only to specific fields and jobs within those fields. You would never be a construction worker in a telecommute position, for example, as those job responsibilities aren’t able to be done off-site. That said, you might be surprised to learn that a number of high-profile (and high-paying!) positions can align with remote work. Here are just a few jobs that may have the flexibility you’re looking for.




Although many people assume meeting with a therapist might involve going to a physical office for an appointment, digital psychology and psychiatry is actually a growing field. Instead of making a trek to an office, clients can virtually meet with their psychiatrist via video chat (or even through a messaging service). From there, the psychiatrist can evaluate, diagnose, and develop treatment plans for their clients. Although this work can theoretically be done from anywhere, renting an office space may allow for greater flexibility and a more official public perception. If you’re interested in exploring remote work outside of a traditional practice, consider finding a Wilmington office space for rent. This can provide some much-needed separation, as well. Since there are options for fully furnished offices, you could lease office space or simply look at other meeting solutions. Just like in any other psychiatric position, being a practicing clinician means that you must keep up with constant documentation and communication, it’s nice to have a Wilmington office space for rent so you have a place to organize all your documents and technological tools.


Medical Director


Medical directors act as the unseen and unheard shepherds of different healthcare organizations. The medical director position acts as a leadership role in a medical department or an organization. To succeed in this position, you’ll need relevant experience in hiring and supervising employees, as well as developing and executing healthcare strategies. Typically, this job does require some on-site or travel work, but other duties can be executed remotely. Having a separate office, even if it’s not on-site, may be a necessity for a job with this type of workload. If you’re in the Wilmington area, consider looking up a Wilmington office space for rent. You may be able to find available office space near the hospital or medical organization that you’re working for.


Data Scientist


To put it simply, data science is simply the study of data. The specific type and methods of recording, storing, and more will depend on who you’re working for. Data scientists need specific training and must be able to understand different computer languages. Data scientists will often analyze large, raw data sets and then to apply their insights to their respective industry. But in addition to looking at and analyzing numbers, these professionals also have to communicate with others. Since much of the day is spent on the computer, data scientists will need a quiet space to work. While working from home is an option, it can be problematic if there are children in the home. After all, it’s difficult to compile sets of data (or even maintain a train of thought) when little ones need attention. It might be beneficial to find a Wilmington office space for rent in order to prioritize a better work-life balance.


Many employers are now open to at least part-time remote work — and if you’re an independent contractor, you’ll need a quiet and professional space to call your own. Regardless of your industry or your budget, we can help you find a fully furnished office Wilmington Delaware residents and visitors rely on to complete their professional responsibilities. For more information, please contact us today.

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