Telecommuting? 5 Good Reasons Why That Is the Wave Of the Future

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What makes employees happier and saves employers money at the same time? A company that provides co working spaces while allowing its employees to telecommute. In fact,one study reported that lower stress levels were experienced by 82% of employees that were allowed to telecommute. Let’s look at five reasons why it’s so much better to telecommute.

1. Reduced Office Space

Meeting rooms are great, but they are becoming a thing of the past. Same with a furnished office. In today’s world, an employee might need a virtual office to get all their work done. Co working spaces are the solution.

2.Save Costs 

It has been documented that businesses who encourage telecommuting and shared co working spaces have actually reduced their costs. Employees who are on site add to water, electricity and other energy costs. Those who telecommute actually save the company money. American Express is a good example of this, attributing to those who have the option to work remotely their annual savings of $10 million to $15 million.

3. Increased Productivity 

Distractions lead to mistakes and errors. That is a fact. No doubt about it: a lack of distractions increases productivity. All the office comings and goings can lead to a lack of focus on the work for some employees. Are they listening to stories and gossiping? Is there family drama in the workplace that employees can’t ignore? Working in an off-site work environment can help eliminate all these distractions. And, the, their work is more productive and efficient.

4. Innovative Work Environment 

This is a great aspect of having a company that promotes co working spaces. It says a lot about a company if they have decided to move on with the times and move forward into tomorrow’s workplace.

5. Attracting New Employees

A recent study has shown that employees, specifically millennials, would be very open to the prospect of working remotely. Employers with this mindset would be of great interest to them. As the world becomes smaller through the wonders of the Internet, it is imperative for employers to realize that the workplace of tomorrow is here today.

So, for all the documentation that is available, doesn’t it seem to be time to try and work remotely? Or at least request that your employer looks into having coop working spaces? It really seems like it is only a matter of time!

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