Looking at Rental Office Space? 5 Reasons to Consider a Virtual Option

Looking at Rental Office Space? 5 Reasons to Consider a Virtual Option

In recent years, the way businesses work has changed in a number of areas. One new trend has been away from using traditional workers in traditional, rental office spaces. More and more companies are allowing their workers to take care of their tasks remotely. This has had a number of positive effects on the health and well being of workers and freelancers. Some research has shown that about 82% of people who work remotely are less stressed out about their jobs. The number of people who perform at least part of their job remotely has increased greatly over the last few decades. In 2003, about 19% of workers reported working remotely. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, that grew to 23% in 2015. If you are looking for a new rental office space, here are some reasons to consider a virtual office option.

  1. You will spend less on your space. Some companies find there is are some initial costs associated with going with a virtual office plan. The good news is that any costs at the outset will be made up as your workers spend more of their time in a remote location. Business Week has estimated that a company will save an average of $9,900 for each worker who does their job from a remote location. That saving comes in addition to the money you will save on traditional, rental office spaces.
  2. Virtual offices are scalable. A lot of business executives often think that virtual office services are really more for entrepreneurs or small organizations. They believe that the model does not work for larger companies and non-profits. This could not be further from the truth. If you are looking to expand to new areas or increase your footprint, virtual office space can help you do that.
  3. A virtual office can help you handle a number of essential services. There are certain tasks that are a part of every business in the world. All companies need to deal with receiving and sending mail, holding meetings and conferences, answer the phone and give callers correct information, and provide customer service. Whether you have two people or two hundred, you can find executive office suites that have all of the services you need.
  4. Virtual offices can help your employees become more productive. When people work remotely, they are often happier. Happy people are more productive. No matter how great the rental office space you have found is, it is often impossible to eliminate the interpersonal conflicts and drama that come when people are forced to spend time together in one space. Companies that move from traditional, rental office space to remote workers and a virtual office, find they experience less turnover and an increase in productivity from their workers. For people with children, having some more flexibility about being home to take care of them or deal with emergencies can make a big difference in how they view their job. This is considered, by many workers, to be a great benefit to any job.
  5. You will help the planet. More and more consumers are looking for companies that are actively trying to lower their carbon footprint. One great way to use less energy, paper, and other materials is to use a virtual office solution. When people work from a remote location, rather than in a traditional, rental office space, the amount of energy your business uses will go down.

The world of business has undergone a lot of changes over the last few decades. The internet has changed things in ways that few people could ever have anticipated. One of the unintended consequences of the new technologies that have been developed in the wake of the internet is the ability for people to do many jobs from anywhere. Gone are the days where everyone had to be in the same spot. If you need to find a space for your business or non-profit, virtual office spaces may help your company succeed.

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