Home Sweet Office: The Benefits of Operating a Virtual Office

virtual office solutionsThe traditional American office is a much different place than it was decades ago. Sure, there are still piles of paper everywhere, the constant hum and drone of copy machines and printers running in unison, as well as the steady ringing of phones and the staccato clicks of keys as employees diligently work. However, many of these things aren’t taking place in a traditional office, but rather, in one’s home.

It’s become increasingly common for online businesses to take advantage of virtual office solutions in order to better meet the needs of their telecommuting employees as well as their clients. Many choose to create or rent virtual office space in order to save on costs. Virtual office solutions have a number of other benefits as well.

Aside from cost, perhaps one of the greatest benefits of a virtual office is not having to commute. In fact, Sun Microsystems found that employees working at home use 60% of the time they would have spent commuting actually doing work. Furthermore, 14% of Americans have changed jobs in order to shorten their commute.

In addition to shorter commute times, unique office solutions such as telecommuting have been shown to greatly increase employee productivity. More than half — 67% — of professionals agree that working remotely is productive. Not only because of shortened or no commute times, but because telecommuting employees are better able to tackle their workload in an environment which they are most comfortable, whether it be at home, at a coffee shop, or sitting outside. Simply put, happy, comfortable employees are also productive employees.

While operating a virtual office has many benefits, there are times when a traditional, physical office space may be required, such as for a new client meeting or a conference. In these instances, there are flexible office space solutions that can be customized based on both the needs of your virtual business as well as your clients.

Whether you need to rent an entire fully furnished office or a conference room, you can be confident there is a solution for you.

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