Exploring Virtual Office Solutions

virtual office solutionsIn the wise words of Bob Dylan: “Oh they times, they are a changin’.” It seems that they’re changing at lightening speed, which means if you snooze, you lose.

Perhaps the changing times are most readily seen in the way in which we communicate and do business. To say that the advent of the internet — and the use and mobile and wireless communication technology — has changed these areas is truly an understatement. In fact, the internet and our reliance on mobile and wireless communication has served as a catalyst for an entire cultural and social revolution, as both employers and employees redefine themselves.

As they say, time is money. The internet greatly expedited day-to-day business practices and communication, allowing employees to work longer and more productively than ever before. Employers and employees began to take a closer look at how this can be increased, and what “another day at the office” really means. As such, the idea of a physical, brick-and-mortar office suddenly seemed a bit outdated. Add to that long commute times — which were also closely examined as environmental concerns grew — and the idea of being tied down to physical office was so outdated it may as well have come from the Stone Age.

Enter virtual office solutions. Virtual office services give employees the ability to work from home and on their own terms, while still maintaining a high level of professionalism and productivity. Nearly 80% of employees feel the ability to work from home is a job perk, with more than half — 67% — feel that working remotely is productive. In fact, the time spent commuting to work could be spent on beginning the work day. Employers also agree that taking advantage of virtual office solutions is a cost effective way to increase productivity and boost employee moral.

Virtual professional office solutions also allow employers to expand their reach in terms of tapping into the job candidate pool. Why restrict yourself to one geo-specific area when you have access to the entire country or world? Realizing this, more and more companies are taking advantage of virtual office space solutions.

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