Could Your Business Benefit From a Virtual Office Suite? Here’s How To Tell

virtual office suiteVirtual office suites have an amalgam of benefits, and as digital devices and advanced technology take on more important roles in the workplace, it comes as no surprise that more businesses have chosen to convert to virtual office setups in lieu of traditional offices.

But let’s face it: virtual office suites are suited for every business. So how do you know if a virtual office service will really benefit your company? Here are a few ways to tell:

    • Do your employees need flexibility? More and more, there have been studies and surveys showing that employees really value flexibility in the workplace; in fact, 80% of American workers see the ability to telecommute as a job perk. Even a growing number of businesses and management teams have become pro-telecommuting, with 46% stating that telecommuting leads to lower employee turnover rates, and nearly 60% stating that allowing employees to telecommute actually saves money for the business as a whole. Whether your employees are parents, students, or part-time workers, flexibility is something that Americans value a lot in their professional lives.
    • Does your business operate on a national or global scale, rather than local, or do your employees travel a lot? This flexibility is one of the biggest advantages of virtual office suites, because businesses can rent temporary office spaces when they need to have a brick-and-mortar meeting place — the rest of the time, the business can operate via a virtual office suite, without paying extra money for office space that isn’t used.
    • Is your business too small to demand a full office, but too big for a home office? Increased security is one of the top reasons why people choose to move their small businesses out of home office and into an office building, and this is where a virtual office suite comes in handy. Everything from secure phone lines to mail collection services can be covered under a virtual office service, and knowing that your important data is secure allows you to focus more on your actual business.

So now we’re turning to you for some help! If you’ve used a virtual office suite before, what, in your opinion, was the biggest advantage? What types of businesses do you think would benefit most from a virtual office space? Let us know what you’re thinking in the comments section!

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