Choosing your Remote Office Space

Choosing your Remote Office Space

office space in wilmington deIf you are tired of working your cubicle job, you may have ventured into the remote business world. In fact, an AARP survey says, 74% of older Americans want work flexibility and 34% would like to work from home. So if you fall into that camp and you’re looking for remote work, or you are not a member of AARP and are looking for an office space in Wilmington DE, then this is the article for you!

There are all kinds of jobs that offer remote positions like marketing and sales. You can even coach online these days! Nothing is impossible, shall we say. However, in order to put to bed the idea that a remote job isn’t a real job, it is important to note, that just like in any other position, failing to complete the job you have could result in termination of employment. There is actual work involved. So now that you have sent off all of your job applications and gotten your dream job, it is time to develop your office space- the fun part!

There are two ways to look for office space in Wilmington DE, you can opt to look at fully furnished offices, partially furnished offices, or if you really wanted to, you could always create a home office. However, you should know that that means that your whole life will be in your house… You work in your house, cook in your house, sleep in your house, get the point? It can create some very real cabin fever to work in a home office. Therefore, you may want to look into professional office solutions. This provides you with that “going to work” feeling, but with the added benefit of getting to choose an office space. What type of office space you need will also depend on what type of job you’re doing.

For a sales type position where you may be having to make phone calls often, it probably isn’t the best idea to get a co-op workspace as you might be distracting other people. For marketing, or something creative where you need others opinions, it never hurts to share a creative workspace and bounce ideas off of another person. However, there is always the option to work totally independently too! Working from home really comes down to how you work best, and what space is going to be the most conducive to let you do your job really well. The only difference between a remote job and a traditional job is that as a remote worker, you get to choose what work looks like for you! No matter what you’re looking for, there is plenty of office space in Wilmington DE! Happy office hunting, and congratulations on your new space, and your job!

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