5 Questions to Ask When Searching for Furnished Office Space to Rent

5 Questions to Ask When Searching for Furnished Office Space to Rent

The remote workforce in the nation is accelerating at an unforeseen rate. According to a 2020 “State Of The Remote Workforce survey” by Global Workplace Analytics, 69% of US employees worked from home at the peak of the pandemic. Additionally, 50% of staff that telecommute part-time say they wish to increase their remote hours.

The beauty of adopting remote work for your employees is that it reduces the need to maintain a traditional, furnished office space to get work done. Virtual office solutions provide excellent alternatives by allowing your business to maintain a physical presence in a prime location without incurring the huge expenses of maintaining a traditional office.

But how do you pick out the right virtual office space for rent? Here are five questions to guide you in your decision-making.

1. Why Do You Need One?

You may need to determine why you need the furnished office space at a virtual location in the first place. The reasons that you come up with may provide an inkling on what to search for. For some, working remotely is unthinkable. The office represents a symbol of structure and organization. This desire may result in business executives acquiring office spaces for rent that they do not need. A thorough analysis of your needs may help paint a clearer picture.

2. Virtual Office vs. a Co-Working Space?

It’s quite easy for business owners to confuse virtual office and co-working spaces. Coop workspaces feature furnished offices with equipment and technology that different businesses or individuals share. Virtual offices are more like a traditional, furnished office space. You can rent out a private executive suite, complete with a receptionist service, call and mail handling, and a premium business address.

3. Which Amenities Do You Need in the Furnished Office Space?

Different executive office suite providers offer varied features and service options for their furnished office spaces. You may need to think through your business needs. You may typically access business broadband, elegant furniture, a common waiting area, shared break rooms, and fax and printing services. You may need to check the lease agreement to ensure that the amenities add value to your company while saving you money on a long-term basis.

4. Is the Location Right for Your Clients and Employees?

The allure of virtual office spaces is the physical presence for your business in a desirable location. You may need to ensure that the offices are convenient for your clients and staff alike. Think through the impact of a switch to a prime office in Delaware. Find a location that’s easily accessible and with ample parking space.

5. Does the Furnished Office Space Fit Within Your Budget?

The cost of renting a virtual, furnished office space may depend on a variety of factors, including location, amenities, additional perks, and floor space requested. You may need to determine how much you are willing to splurge on your executive office suites without hurting your business’s financial health.

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Virtual offices are excellent options for business owners that wish to switch to working remotely while maintaining a physical business “presence.” To check the available executive office suites available in Delaware, reach out to STAT International.

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