4 Questions To Ask When Leasing Executive Office Suites

4 Questions To Ask When Leasing Executive Office Suites

The traditional working space is evolving quickly, leaning towards more flexible office solutions. The need for short-term executive office suites and virtual office spaces continues to grow daily. The option you choose when in the market for an executive office will impact your daily operations.

Leasing the wrong office may spell doom for your venture. How can you find the right executive office suites for your business? Here are four questions entrepreneurs should consider before signing the lease agreement.

1. How Many Do You Need?

There are more than 400 million entrepreneurs globally. As a business person, you need to determine why you need the executive office suites in the first place. You should analyze the business needs to guide you to what you are looking for. For some entrepreneurs, one executive office suite may be enough to satisfy your business needs while others may need to rent more than one office.

2. What Business Services and Amenities Do You Need?

Different executive office suites offer varied service options in their working spaces. The premise of reliable Internet connections, furnished office desks, common waiting areas, and fun break rooms make coop workspaces attractive. What is entailed within the service lease agreement? Will you need a dedicated space for client meetings? Do you require shared high-speed fax and printing services? The amenities will add value to your team and save on the cost of running your company.

3. Is It the Right Location for Clients and Employees?

It is essential to factor in where your key staff lives and whether the executive office suites are convenient. A long, tiring commute may force some to seek employment elsewhere. Talk to your key employees and let them weigh in on the prospect of a move to a new Delaware office space. You would also wish to make your office suites accessible to your clients, too. Get a location that is easily accessible with adequate parking space. You should also consider safety and security within the neighborhood.

4. Do the Executive Office Suites Fit Your Budget?

The executive office model typically entails smaller, furnished workspaces with a variety of amenities. You may need to determine how much you are willing to spend on your next office rental. If you spend too little, you might end up with a cramped space that you will have to move out of in a few months. Can you afford to pay a three-month deposit on the space right now? Do the rental fees commensurate with other locations within that area?

Finding the right executive office suite doesn’t have to be an overwhelming process. Ensure that you understand what you are and are not paying for. Remember, the workspace can either contribute to the success of your brand or a mistake to forever be remembered.

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