3 Reasons Incorporating In Delaware Is Ideal For Companies Abroad

3 Reasons Incorporating In Delaware Is Ideal For Companies Abroad

Virtual offices and coworking rentals are quickly gaining traction and popularity due to their versatility and ability to provide a professional and accommodating workspace. And while nearly six out of 10 employers identify cost savings as a significant benefit to telecommuting, what many of these employers fail to realize is that location is another essential component that comes into play when telecommuting. If you’re looking for virtual office services to make coworking easier than ever for your business, Delaware offers a number of advantages.

That’s especially true for companies based overseas. On top of that, Delaware is one of the most popular states in the entire country for foreign entrepreneurs looking to incorporate in the United States. Here are just a few benefits that Delaware provides to companies abroad.

‘Tax Haven’ Status
First, Delaware is known as somewhat of a ‘tax haven,’ meaning that it does not collect corporate taxes from corporations in Delaware that don’t actually conduct business within state boundaries. Delaware also doesn’t tax royalty payments or a number of other assets that are referred to as ‘intangible.’ These policies alone can result in significant savings for many corporations. Of course, you should always consult a corporate tax professional to determine whether your corporation will be able to take advantage of these Delaware tax benefits.

Separate Corporate Law Court
Another unique benefit of incorporating in Delaware is its fascinating corporate law court, which is separated from other types of cases. Not only that, but Delaware’s corporate laws tend to favor corporations, which minimizes the hassle of going to court in the first place. Delaware’s Court of Chauncery has judges with years of corporate law experience, and these judges can decide on cases quickly without the need for input from a jury. Overall, most corporations agree that navigating corporate laws in Delaware is much easier than doing so in most other states.

Improved Investor Perception
Businesses incorporated in Delaware also tend to be favored by venture capitalists and other outside investors. This is simply another result of the tax benefits listed above. Investors feel safe investing in Delaware businesses because of their favorable preposition to the Delaware corporate law and court systems.

Ultimately, understanding these major benefits of incorporating your business in Delaware can help you make the most well informed decision about your company’s needs. For more information about virtual offices for rent in Delaware, contact Stat International.

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