3 Hidden Benefits of Collaborative Coworking Spaces

wilmington coworkingWorking outside an office can be a solitary experience. And while solitude can be integral to the promotion of reflection and growth, in large doses it can be harmful to our mental, and even physical, health. In an article for Psychology Today, author Hara Estroff Marano offers that the hormones released when the mind is experiencing loneliness can have real deleterious physical effects.

Dr. John Capioppo, a late authority in the discipline of social neuroscience, cites the following physical effects as the result of isolation:

  • Greater perceived stress than individuals with more social connections in response to identical stimuli.
  • Reduced sleep quality and increased restlessness.
  • Higher blood pressure and cortisol levels, negatively impacting the circulatory system.

Fortunately, freelancing and other independently working individuals, as well as organizations simply looking for a new work environment, can combat these effects through the use of coworking spaces. This shared office space in Wilmington, DE known as The Hub @ 1201 provides the perfect breeding ground for socialization and cooperation. Shared workspaces provide a number of benefits, some more readily apparent than others. When you utilize Wilmington coworking spaces, together everyone gains:

  1. Access to a wealth of tools and amenities: When the cost of a space is shared among many, new resources become accessible. In Stat International’s Wilmington coworking spaces, these include everything from free wifi, to conference rooms, printers, desks, lounges, a cafe, and more.
  2. Higher work satisfaction: In an article by Harvard Business Review, researchers found that individuals surveyed who used coworking spaces reported levels of thriving that averaged about six out of a possible seven. This satisfaction translates to both a higher quality of life and greater productivity — in fact, two-thirds of managers report that employees working outside the company office are more productive.
  3. Encouragement of community and collaboration: If you place intelligent, hard-working people with shared values in the same room, something is going to happen. Coworking spaces help foster connections within a community, resulting in collaboration on projects and greater results for all involved.

If you are looking for a coworking space in Wilmington, Delaware, look no further than The Hub @ 1201. Not only will you get more done — you’ll feel better doing it.

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