3 Common Misconceptions About Renting a Virtual Office

3 Common Misconceptions About Renting a Virtual Office

Virtual offices, which provide companies with the benefits of a traditional office while giving them added flexibility, space, and support, are becoming increasingly popular. However, there are some common misconceptions surrounding virtual office spaces. To help clear the air, here are some of the most common misconceptions about virtual office rentals and the real truth you need to know.

Myth #1: Virtual Office Rentals Are Pricey

A virtual office rental is actually more affordable than renting a traditional office space. In fact, one of the biggest benefits of renting a virtual office space instead of a physical office space is the money you can save. The option for employees to work remotely can significantly decrease operating costs. This is true for companies of all sizes who choose to have a virtual office rental. American Express, for example, allegedly saved between $10 million and $15 million dollars by having options to work remotely. Having a virtual office space can slash costs on things like electricity bills and costly rental prices.

Myth #2: Virtual Offices Inhibit Productivity

A virtual office rental can actually increase employee productivity because of remote work options. Not only do remote work options get rid of commute times for employees, allowing them to spend less time going to work and more time actually working, but they also increase productivity throughout the workday. This may be because remote working options are desirable by many, with about 50% of part-time telecommuters worldwide reporting that they want to increase the number of remote hours they work. Having a virtual office rental can also help to decrease employee absences and create a happier working environment for employees.

Myth #3: Virtual Offices Rentals Make Management Difficult

Virtual office rentals can actually make managing your team that much easier. When using a service that offers virtual office packages, you can have things like mail and receptionist services taken care of. You will be able to have more flexibility, support, and services that help you manage a company easier and more efficiently. Managing a variety of aspects can be tricky and reduce your ability to focus on more important tasks, so this benefit could end up increasing your productivity as well.

With virtual office rentals becoming more common and more of the workplace transitioning to remote work, it’s important to consider the needs of your company. Is it time your company enjoys some of the benefits of virtual workplaces, such as lower costs, better productivity, and easier management? If you think renting a virtual office sounds appealing, check out Stat International for more resources and information.

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