3 Benefits of a Coworking Space

3 Benefits of a Coworking Space

As office culture and the way people in the US work continue to evolve, the popularity of coworking spaces keeps rising. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 19% of workers were remote in 2003 compared with 23% in 2015. This growth rate shows no sign of slowing down. Here are three different benefits of coworking spaces.

1. Collaboration

Remote working has many benefits and a couple of drawbacks as well. One of the most missed aspects of in-person working is collaboration. Getting your team together to work face-to-face has many advantages. Brainstorming sessions are just one example of the ways that getting together can yield positive outcomes. Even if you’re only bringing your team together one week out of every quarter, you’ll reap benefits. Consider the expense and time that it takes to gather everyone in one room, a small cost compared to the positive outcomes.

2. Interfacing With Clients

There are many potential clients who won’t be impressed when you suggest a meeting at a local coffee shop. Without a physical office, your company runs the risk of not being taken seriously. Having a dedicated workspace in which you’re able to meet existing and potential clients is a smart idea. This meeting or conference room will help your company receive the respect it deserves. Coworking spaces aren’t just for coworkers to get together to brainstorm, they’re also the perfect spot to meet with current and prospective clients.

3. Lack of Distraction

As remote working becomes more popular, many employees are discussing how difficult it can be to remain focused at home. This can stem from having children in the home or be due to a lack of necessary technological devices. In a space where everyone is focused on their own work, you won’t have the same distractions as at home. Everyone is mindful of each other’s work and it will help you to be more efficient. Now is an ideal time to learn more about the benefits of coworking.

Coworking is a trend that’s understandably gaining in popularity. If you’re struggling to complete your work from home, coworking spaces may be the right answer. Contact Stat International today to learn more about how our services can help meet your needs.

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