4 Reasons Why All Your Business Needs is a Co Working Space

4 Reasons Why All Your Business Needs is a Co Working Space

meeting room solution delawareWhether you’re looking for a way to save your business some money or starting out as a freelancer, one of the most important decisions you have to make is office space. Clients are more likely to take your business seriously when you have a fully furnished office space. Coworking spaces are a great solution for business owners and freelancers who need a professional space without having to worry about buying or renting an office building. Here are 4 ways a coworking space could be perfect for your business.

Added Flexibility

Many business owners think that only Millenials are interested in increased job flexibility, but all generations are interested in more flexible job options. Almost 75% of older Americans desire work flexibility and 34% would work from home if they had the chance, according to AARP. Employees are expressing an interest in the option to work from home and come to a coworking space when necessary.

Increased Job Satisfaction

That increased job flexibility turns into higher job satisfaction. According to one study, around 82% employees who telecommute reported lower stress levels. The freedom to choose and not have to worry about commuting every day to an office helps employees feel more productive. One company found that employees working remotely used 60% of the time they would have spent commuting, working. The time saved driving is turned into productive energy that can help grow your company.


One of the highlights of a coworking space for most companies is how much a business can save on costs. By allowing employees to work remotely and reserving a space as needed – much like Stat International’s meeting room solution Delaware – a variety of companies show significant decreases in operating costs. For example, American Express reportedly saved $10 million to $15 million annually thanks to allowing employees to work remotely. Virtual solutions not only increase productivity and motivation in employees; they can also save your business tons of money.

Meeting Room Solution Delaware

More and more businesses are choosing coworking spaces for their employees. It’s predicted that coworking spaces across the globe will reach 30,432 total spaces with over 5 million members by 2022. That’s because coworking spaces offer more options, both for companies and their clients. If you’re a small business and you don’t need a conference room all the time, Stat International has your meeting room solution Delaware with our choices of office spaces and coworking space packages. You can choose when you need to use the space and for how long without having to wonder how much it will cost.

From improved operating costs to more flexible office space, the wonders of virtual offices never cease. If you’re looking for flexible office space in Wilmington, Delaware, let us help you get set up today!

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