Review Our Unique Office Solutions

  • Our unique office solutions provide the complete package of space, technology, service and support.

  • Enjoy the luxuries of a traditional office at a fraction of the price. You CREATE YOUR OWN package from our variety of options.

  • Whether you need space for a personal one on one meeting or a 10 person event, our meeting solutions offer a complete package of services.

what we offer

[row][span3][service_box title=”Personalized Reception” subtitle=”For many companies, the receptionist is often the first point of contact” text=”It is the receptionist’s role to ensure that all of your callers and customers are taken…”][/span3][span3][service_box title=”Class A Meeting Rooms” subtitle=”A smooth meeting room makes for a multitude of smooth meetings” text=”One of the first benefits of a great meeting room is that is can actually help…”][/span3][span3][service_box title=”Private Mailbox” subtitle=”Reliability is what come to mind when discussing Private Mailboxes” text=”Long gone are the days of missed deliveries. With our Private Mailbox…”][/span3][span3][service_box title=”Administrative Support” subtitle=”Our support team is there to raise the office productivity” text=”Let us handle some tasks necessary to keep the office running smoothly. We can be…”][/span3][/row][row][span3][service_box title=”On-Site Parcel Pick Up” subtitle=”On-Site services will end your daily trips to the Post Office”  text=”Handled with care, we can either provide or can arrange for pickup and delivery…”][/span3][span3][service_box title=”24/7 Building Access” subtitle=”You have the key, You show up when it works for you” text=”Our 1201 North Orange Street location is accessible at anytime, all week long…”][/span3][span3][service_box title=”Fully Furnished” subtitle=”Desks, chairs, tables, and everything else you need for the perfect office feng shui” text=”These offices are completely customizable. You want 2 desks? You’re going to get…”][/span3][span3][service_box title=”Internet Access” subtitle=”Wireless and Wired options to help you access your information” text=”No need to worry about slow speeds or hard to rech outlets. We set your offices up…”][/span3][/row]

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