3 Issues That Can Be Solved With A Virtual Office Setup

3 Issues That Can Be Solved With A Virtual Office Setup

If you work as a freelancer, have just started your own business, or are planning on expanding your operations in the near future, you may find that your current work setup simply isn’t cutting it anymore. High costs, low morale, or a general perception problem can really derail your plans — but they don’t have to. These issues can often be solved if you rent a virtual office. Let’s take a closer look at how switching to a virtual office space can help alleviate these common dilemmas.

  1. High overhead
    Traditional office spaces often have significant overhead costs. That can become debilitating very quickly if you’re just starting out or are struggling to bring in enough revenue. Owning or leasing an entire office building means you’re responsible for cleaning and maintenance costs, heating and cooling bills, equipment, internet services, and all kinds of other materials, along with paying the rent or mortgage. But if you rent a virtual office, you aren’t responsible for any of that. Desks and chairs are provided, internet and other services are included, and you won’t have to worry about fixing utilities or other equipment. Not only does that translate to less stress for you, but it also means you can make much better use of your financial resources.
  2. Unhappy employees
    These days, people in the workforce are looking for flexibility. Around 80% of employees view the option to work remotely as a job perk, and employers are finding that office alternatives allow them to save money without compromising on productivity. If you’re trying to combat low company morale due to long commutes and a rigid work environment, you may need a virtual office space. With a virtual office, your employees will have a more flexible work schedule and a better work/life balance. When you’re able to work from a more convenient location at any time you choose, you’re going to feel less burned out at the end of the day. That often leads to greater productivity and creativity, which means that it’s a win/win.
  3. Brand identity crisis
    Where you work needs to fit your overall brand identity. And if your current location doesn’t jive with the message you’re trying to send, clients may be reluctant to work with you. When you’re dealing with a perception problem, you may be able to remedy it with a virtual office setup in certain situations. For example, if you’re operating a new business venture out of your living room, that won’t look good to potential customers. But by securing a virtual office, you can conduct all of your operations in a professional setting without committing to a long-term office lease and permanent location. This is also a great idea if you’re looking to work with those in a certain prestigious area but don’t have the capital to make that kind of investment outright.

If you’re currently struggling with these issues in your business, you may want to rent a virtual office in the near future. To find out more about our services, please contact Stat International today.

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